Dear Citizens,

The Greens have taken the plunge: the two leading Green candidates, for the European Parliament elections are to be selected in Europe-wide online primaries. We want you to join in the election process. As a candidate, I want the gap between us – the European Green politicians – and you to be reduced, and trust in Green EU politics to grow.

I don’t want just more EuropeI want a Union which operates much better. North and South, East and West must not drift apart even further.
The EU has always stood for the promise of a good life. We must remember this promise. And the people of Europe must be able to believe again that we are working to fulfil this promise. It is not just about balanced state budgets – solidarity counts too. Ambitious targets for the environment and climate change must not be sidelined now. The Green New Deal, combining environmental and climate change issues with sustainable economic and social development, remains the correct Green answer – during this financial crisis more than ever. The best example of this is the turnaround in energy policy, as it benefits the environment and creates jobs.

The disastrous situation of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding region, which is now escalating due to the war in Syria, shows that asylum and immigration policies have failed. And to date, EU common foreign policy is still a myth. Yet countries south and east of our borders urgently need the European Union to ensure peace and stability, and peaceful democratic development.

The green way for Europe – that's what I want with your kind support!

The Greens Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen European Greens